Fandango’s Provocative Question #104

did someone say life skills - Peter Parker Spider Man | Meme Generator

What do you think is the one subject (or thing) that should be taught in school that isn’t? Life skills, life skills, life skills. Dear God teach these kids some life skills. What do I consider life skills…write a resume, cook a meal, fix a small hole in your damn socks before it unravels, do your own taxes, check, and if needed, put oil in your car, change a tire, budget. Way back in the day when I was in school, we had home economics and machine shop. I won’t go so far as to say those classes prepared me 100% for life, but I wasn’t afraid of a car engine if I needed to change the oil and I could make a mean baking soda biscuit. Granted babysitting a raw egg for a week did not prepare me for motherhood, but at least they tried to teach us the responsibility of something so fragile.

I guess what I am saying is young’uns should be taught to do hands on things, understand a paycheck, write a resume and cook a meal. I literally had 30-something neighbors shocked to learn I actually cook meals each night. You know…from scratch…not open a box and stick it in the microwave. What is wrong with this world???

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Blogging gets the noise in my head least for a little while. I use blogging to weed through all that noise and find the humor in each situation, even if it takes some time to find it. I am not selling anything, just sharing experiences as a mother, Amma, wife, paralegal, volunteer, Muslimah, sister, daughter, mother-in-law, woman.

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