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Fandango’s Provocative Question #145

I thought it only fitting to blog a response to Fandango’s Provocative Question on Thanksgiving when the topics of politics, religion and other “views” are typically forbidden. At least, in my experience. I remember once we had a family gathering at my sister’s home. I believe it was after my nephew’s bar mitzvah. Around the table were me (a Muslim), my sister and father (Jewish), and my brother (atheist). It was a titled event called “What do you call an Atheist, a Muslim and a Jew in the same room? Family dinner.” Religion has never been a source of contention since we all became adults, although my brother and I would push each other’s buttons. (God, I miss him.) Politics are another no-no, only in that you have polar opposite views – Democrats vs. Republicans, gun supporters vs. anti-gun, and you have men. In my experience, men don’t often “listen” to others opinions unless they are in agreement with each other. Whereas, my sister and I, well, we have “safe” words and once said, whatever topic of discussion we are on, ends. My dad likes to have the last word. My husband declares the world idiots, knowingly nods to his younger son, and the conversation is over. While the older son looks to me for support only to find my eyes glazed over. Never did any of that ever go over well. Anyway…to the question at hand:

If you’re American, do you concur with my assessment that our country is rapidly going to hell in a handbasket? Or do you believe that everything is hunky-dory and America’s light is shining as brightly as ever?

If you’re not an American, based upon what you’ve read, seen, and heard, do you feel that America has, indeed, faltered? Or do you think that America will weather this storm?

Fandango wrote/writes about his opinion on society and from that he is basing this week’s question. My answer is simple. I am a proud American. Daughter, wife and sister in law of Navy veterans. As for the question, is our country rapidly going to hell in a handbasket, or is everything hunky-dory. I believe our country has been going to hell in a handbasket for many years. There is nothing rapid about it. It is what it is though and … without making any further comments regarding MY PERSONAL views on how it could be changed … I will tell you I am 110% apathetic about it. Taxes get raised – I pay the taxes. Benefits get taken away – I lose my benefits. People can’t make their own decisions as to what is best for them and their own bodies – I make them anyway. I do whole-heartedly disagree with the blame game – Trump vs. Biden, all give vs. all take, Republican vs. Democrat, Legal gun owners vs. illegal gun owners being lumped into the same category, etc. But…it is there I stop. May your Thanksgiving gatherings be free from brawls over changes we peons have zero control over.

Published by SadiRose

Blogging gets the noise in my head least for a little while. I use blogging to weed through all that noise and find the humor in each situation, even if it takes some time to find it. I am not selling anything, just sharing experiences as a mother, Amma, wife, paralegal, volunteer, Muslimah, sister, daughter, mother-in-law, woman.

4 thoughts on “Fandango’s Provocative Question #145

  1. What a beautifully written answer! I fear my own was more narrow in focus, highlighting mainly a fear of the future rather than answering, although the answer in my case is a firm “YES IT IS GOING TO HELL”. I agree with you that the situation is anything but rapid, and has been coming on for decades. Bravo for you to say what I ought to have said, if anger hadn’t clouded my vision!

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    1. I liked your post. I love that you say what many of us are thinking. There were some fist pumps and “hell yeahs” when I was reading it. I am fearful of the future myself, but it is what it is and I honestly do not believe “we, the people” have a say in the path it takes.


  2. Wow. I almost was waiting to hear a joke that started out, “A Muslim, a Jew, and an atheist walk into a bar….”

    Sometimes I wish I were apathetic about what’s going on around me. That would sure help my blood pressure. But I can’t just let it go.

    I am a proud American. At least I used to be for most of my life.

    Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving!

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