Weekend Coffee Share – Thanksgiving Weekend 2021

Welcome and come on in. I have tons of leftovers. I always make too much food, but this year was exceptionally bad since I asked my family to bring specific things, but they did not listen and brought more. I asked my sister in law to bring ice cream. She did, and brought deviled eggs and a gigantic fruit tray. I asked grandma to bring sweet potato pie and she did, and a pumpkin roll, and homemade rolls.

Thanksgiving is my favorite secular holiday. I love cooking and since there are only two of us on a regular basis, I rarely get to make big meals. For example, even making a meatloaf for dinner is too much. We end up having meatloaf for the next three days and hubs isn’t a big leftover fan. Thinks like lasagna, stew, chili, and the like are hard to make because even paring it down to a 2 person household makes buying the ingredients hard. A can of red kidney beans is too much. Yes, yes, I could soak and use dried beans, but I work full time so no. That being said…cooking for Thanksgiving is one of my favorite things. I love to get all kitschy with my decor and I know it goes unnoticed by the hubs side of the family – this is why I send photos to my daughters who comment NOT on the food but the S&P shakers and serving bowls. This year, I was missing my daughters and their family and this year, it was just the hub’s side of the family, his two boys, spouse, spouse’s grandmother, his sister and her husband. They are, of course, my family too, but I’ve always had a least my dad here.

The trifles are gluten free and I made 8 but since my husband is well-known for his pies, and grandma brought sweet potato pie AND a pumpkin roll, only my brother-in-law and my husband’s two boys tried it. I introduced two of the three boys to Cock ‘n Bull Ginger Beer with lime (my Moscow Pony – mocktail Mule) and they enjoyed it. My husband even tried one, then whined about how the ginger beer burned his lips.

If we were having coffee, or a mock-mosa, or a Moscow Pony, I would tell you that I have been off all week. Well, off my regular job. I have been taking a few extra hours on my transcription job, but I haven’t signed on since Wednesday. Truly trying to take time off. I did go take my notary exam on Monday. They give you an hour to answer 30 questions. The proctor was surprised when I exited the testing room after 15 minutes. I passed, but then in all fairness, I have been a commissioned notary consecutively since 1987, breaking only after moving back home because I went to work in another state (West Virginia) and thought it impractical to be a PA notary. Once I took my current job in PA, there were sufficient notaries in the office, so I didn’t pursue the 3 hour refresher course (mandatory) and the test. But 2 notaries let their commissions expire to the partners asked me if I would re-commission. Other than a snafu with my name, it all went well and I’m officially re-commissioned as of this week.

If we were having coffee, I would share that although it looks beautiful outside, there is a piercingly cold wind blowing. My husband wants to step out for a bit to take his car into the shop (it’s not starting well but it is 12 years old). I prefer not to set foot outside on Black Friday. I went out right at 5 a.m. to feed my addiction and saw a line at Starbucks. That’s awful. Target was open and it appeared the Kohl’s parking lot was filling up. No, no, hell no.

My sister, husband and I do those Challenger virtual competitions and we were all “competing” on a walk around the Ring Road in Iceland. My husband finished several months ago and my sister several weeks ago. I finished yesterday. I started off well, and through summer with the bike riding, I managed to check off quite a few miles. But as it got colder, and my joints got stiffer, I was lucky to finish with three miles a day. I had until 12/31 to complete it, but I did it.

If we were having coffee, I would share that my long-awaited follow up with the ND is Monday. My “test results” are back. I am very excited. It is especially important to me now as I am feeling a flare coming on. I hurt deep into the joints on my right side. My hip and fingers. It’s expected, such that one expects a flare, since routine changes always seem to do this to me. Taking the time off work would be enough to send me into a flare no matter how hard or aware I am of the changes. I have been getting up at the same time as work, but its deeper than the physical routine. Oh well…at least now I know what causes it.

I do hope that those who celebrated Thanksgiving had a very blessed day yesterday, and those that do enjoy the chaos that is Black Friday were successful in stepping out, finding deals and returning home before the drunks hit the road and the fist fights start. For those that do not, I hope you had a great week and have a restful and enjoyable weekend. Thanks for stopping by! Especially thanks to Natalie the explorer for hosting the Weekend Coffee Share.

Published by SadiRose

Blogging gets the noise in my head out...at least for a little while. I use blogging to weed through all that noise and find the humor in each situation, even if it takes some time to find it. I am not selling anything, just sharing experiences as a mother, Amma, wife, paralegal, volunteer, Muslimah, sister, daughter, mother-in-law, woman.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – Thanksgiving Weekend 2021

  1. The too much food dynamic is somehow written into cosmic law somewhere. Most Thanksgivings we go to my wife’s cousins place and this year was to be quieter and simpler and smaller because of covid. Several of the normal folks did cancel or decline because of fears of covid but our host husband still did 2 turkeys’ for roughly 18 people and everyone brought more than their share, as always. My wife agreed to bring one dish but brought 2 and a large cake for dessert. I’ve given up trying to talk her off of this. She refuses to back down so we’ll have cake for at least another week because there are only 3 of us in our house now.
    Talk about tradition going gene-deep . . .
    Somehow seeing you doing this too is cathartic.

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  2. Those trifles look amazing. I love ginger beer!! The challenger competition sounds interesting. I’m also glad you’re getting answers for what is causing the flare ups. Hopefully you’ll be able to have a plan of attack soon. We had a nice TG. I don’t really do Black Friday anymore. I now have to work, and honestly, I don’t enjoy throngs of people.

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  3. Congratulations on completing the Ring Road competition! I was thinking about joining those virtual competitions but I’m not sure which one and how I can carry my kid in these activities.

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    1. I like the Challenger series. The medals are beautiful. You sign up and either have your fitness tracker auto-load your activities each day or you put it in manually.


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