The Curious Case of….Instincts

This week’s Curious case of … asks about instincts. How well do you trust your own instincts for sensing if something or someone is wrong for you and/or your life? Not well. My anxiety always overshadows my instincts and what might start as an honest twinge of instinct becomes a full-blown drama unfolding in myContinue reading “The Curious Case of….Instincts”

Desperately Seeking Solutions

Somatoform anxiety…what is it? Dr. Roger Henderson defined it as “When mental factors such as stress cause physical symptoms the condition is known as somatisation. Somatoform disorders are a severe form of somatisation where physical symptoms can cause great distress, often long-term. However, people with somatoform disorders are usually convinced that their symptoms have aContinue reading “Desperately Seeking Solutions”

I acknowledged a trigger…CONFRONTATION

I like self-help books. They are always full of things I should do and want to do to fix…err…no, “fix” is the wrong word…understand my totally fucked up brain. There are always useful tips like being more mindful. I like this, except my brain does 👏 not 👏 stop 👏 making 👏 noise. Ever. ButContinue reading “I acknowledged a trigger…CONFRONTATION”

The Good, the Bad and the Chaotic

My metaphor for my emotional/mental state has always been a “apple cart”. I am the type of person that doesn’t ask for help. I gather my “apples” and put them in the cart. I put everyone’s apples in my cart and I deal with them. I struggle to let my two (grown) daughters live theirContinue reading “The Good, the Bad and the Chaotic”

I feel the walls closing in on me…

There is no room for our lives in this little hotel suite. In the same respect, the hotel suite is quite roomy all things considered. But we always seem to need something. Nothing we can’t live without but things that become larger in life knowing I can’t just go get it. Case in point…wing sauce.Continue reading “I feel the walls closing in on me…”

Routine Changes are My Kryptonite

Aw yes, kryptonite. The stuff that incapacitates the Man of Steel. We all have our kryptonite. For many, addictions to drugs or alcohol or addictions to pornography, gambling, gaming, etc., take over a person’s life. For others, the obsessive love of a man or woman or the need to make money, have expensive things, canContinue reading “Routine Changes are My Kryptonite”

Let’s talk Health

I have been labeled a hypochondriac and while I don’t necessarily 100% disagree, I don’t think I “make up” illnesses.  I just happed to be a patient Dr. House would have a field day with.  Yes, that alone puts me into a whacko category, but still… I have always had the pleasure of unique orContinue reading “Let’s talk Health”

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