Song Lyric Sunday – News

For someone with an extensive and diverse playlist, I struggle to find songs that fit this week’s criteria for Song Lyric Sunday. I like to play it as close to the prompts as possible and while I have several songs that allude to communicating, information, news or telephone, it was hard to find one specificallyContinue reading “Song Lyric Sunday – News”

Song Lyric Sunday – Sex

Warning – the song choice and lyrics are not subtle so those with delicate sensibilities should probably not read further. This week’s Song Lyric Sunday prompt is “where you are supposed to find songs where somebody is having sex, or talking about it, insinuating sex, or hinting about sex.” So…I’m going with Sodomy from theContinue reading “Song Lyric Sunday – Sex”

Song Lyric Sunday – This, That and Other

This week, Song Lyric Sunday hosted weekly by Jim, honors a fellow blogger, Fandango who’s blog is entitled “This, That and the Other”. Of course there are thousands of songs that contain “this” and “that” and maybe a few hundred that contain “other”. I have spent weeks trying to find one containing all three. IContinue reading “Song Lyric Sunday – This, That and Other”

Song Lyric Sunday – Party

This week’s Song Lyric Sunday gives us the prompts of “Carnival, Festival, Gala, Jamboree, Party”. It may come as no surprise that many of my emo-lyrical songs contain none of the above. Songs from my childhood pop into mind, but I suspect they will be used by others. So I dug deep and found inContinue reading “Song Lyric Sunday – Party”

Song Lyric Sunday – Pretender

Song Lyric Sunday this week uses the prompts “Fraud, Hypocrite, Phony, Pretender, Snob”. I chose the song, “Pretender” by the band, The Maine. As with many of the songs in my playlist, the lyrics draw me to a particular song, so I’ll admit this isn’t a musical style of music I am drawn to, butContinue reading “Song Lyric Sunday – Pretender”

Song Lyric Sunday – Fate

This was another tough prompt for Song Lyric Sunday for me. Initially, I thought of R.E.M.’s Radio Free Europe, but since R.E.M. has been known simply for its unintelligible lyrics and just because the word “fate” is in the lyrics – we think – I think that would be a bit of cheating. So IContinue reading “Song Lyric Sunday – Fate”

Song Lyric Sunday – Song of Women

This week’s prompts for Song Lyric Sunday are “Alluring, Beautiful, Charming, Graceful, and Seductive”. Now, I have featured Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) earlier this year (I Miss the Misery) and as she is a local gal and one of my all time favorites, I’ll probably have her included again. However for this week, the amazing LzzyContinue reading “Song Lyric Sunday – Song of Women”

Song Lyric Sunday – Automobile

For this week’s challenge Jim gives us the prompt suggested by Melanie for “Automobile, Car, Jalopy, Vehicle”. I am a little late to the game this week and my first choice, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, was already taken and the blog very well written. So I had to dig a little deeper. I haveContinue reading “Song Lyric Sunday – Automobile”

Song Lyric Sunday – Breakups

Being a lover of lyrics that cry out tragedy and angst, you would think I would have a plethora of songs to choose from. I do not. Surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly if you know my back story, most of my songs deal with loss after death or suicide. There is something about hearing theContinue reading “Song Lyric Sunday – Breakups”

Song Lyric Sunday – Bugs/Insects

Ewwww, why would I have songs with lyrics containing creepy crawlies? Surprisingly, in listening to my playlists in anticipation of this prompt, I do… I have Black Widow by In This Moment if you want screeching hard gothic rock, or Man That You Fear by Marilyn Manson if you want to go scary dark. BelieveContinue reading “Song Lyric Sunday – Bugs/Insects”

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