Weekend Coffee Share #38

Good morning! I hope everyone is doing well this weekend. Our weather is beautiful and if I could live where it was like this every day, I would. My husband says it is like this in San Diego, but we can afford to live there. Natalie is the host for this week’s coffee share, so come on in and have something to drink. We can take our hot coffee onto the front porch and enjoy the sunrise.

If we were sharing how our week went, I would share I had a mini-temper tantrum at work on Monday. I’ll give you all one guess which attorney set me off. No? It was the narcissistic a$$ I have always wanted to punch. (ooh, reel back the threat of physical violence…deep breath.) Anyway, I was helping one of my other attorneys, a much-older, near retirement lady, with some last minute changes to documents. I printed the revised first page and as per my usual, jumped up to get it off the printer. It was gone. Literally less than 30 seconds. And yes, he had snatched ALL the papers off the printer only this time, instead of standing, legs spread blocking the way to the hall, flipping each page of his one-line emails, patronizingly asking if I “printed something” (no a$$, I’m standing here because I want to bask in your glory instead of finishing my work), this time, he took the entire stack of papers into his office to take a phone call. So, I stomp off and print it again. We (Ms. Attorney and I) assemble the documents, and the day goes on. She returns from her office with additional work and coming up behind her is you-know-who waiving the one piece of paper looking only at his partner and says “is this yours?” She did not hear him as she is looking and (talking to) me. I look her dead in the eye and say “we would be more efficient if people would not take sh** off the printer that does not belong to them. I mean seriously how hard is it not to take sh** that doesn’t belong to you?” Then I made eye contact with him and Ms. Attorney and I went into my office to finish the work. He placed the page on the printer where it still remains (as far as I know) to this day. The next day, Ms. Attorney comes into the bathroom where I am washing my hands. I only turned on the back light as I had a headache that day. She flips on the awful overhead lights and I groan. I jokingly said I was trying to nap and if she every misplaced one of the paralegals in the office that the bathroom is where we gather to have our breakdowns. She KNEW I was joking (I am, after all, the office comedian as well as office Princess). Then she came to my office and very tentatively knocked on my door and peeked in. My desk was totally cleaned off. (Never, ever a good sign) She asked if I was “having a bad day”. I pointed to the mess on my floor – previously the mess on my desk – and she sighed with relief and that was that. I still, to this day, do not understand why that man feels the need to walk off with everyone’s work as though the only thing that ever prints is his one-line, tree-killing emails. I reported my cursing and temper tantrum to my supervising attorney (and president of the firm) and admitted it was unprofessional. I (again) complained about this thing he does, but as paralegals are the confrontational ones, and not so much the attorneys (we are trained to write the confrontational language out in eloquent case law citations), nothing will be done.

On a much more exciting note, and one that does not include me venting, YET AGAIN, about my job, my husband and I went to see Ron White on Friday. Y’all know Ron White right? Tater salad? Can’t fix stupid? He announce to the audience that he is touring now to make up for the canceled shows during COVID, but when this is done, he is retiring from touring.

Ron White plays with his dogs on stage - YouTube
Google images

His performance was outstanding and after the show, my husband and I are walking to the car through one of the alleys and we see an adorable little dog approaching. I am totally focused on the dog when my husband whispers “there he is”. Sure enough there was Ron White, walking toward his tour bus. He looked tired. I spoke up and thanked him for his years of providing his comedy and wished him well in his retirement. He thanked me and called to his dog and off they went. No, I didn’t ask for a picture with him. It just seemed rude at the time.

You might be from a small town if:  Friday night meant driving back and forth on the same street for hours.

Last night, my husband asked if I wanted to take a walk downtown. Now, my hometown is quite the historic little place (having been burned by the confederates during the civil war) but it is also the place that was “happening” when we were teenagers. There was the “peanut circuit” that everyone drove around every Friday and Saturday night. Some of us, like me, arrived late to the “party” as I would come from the local roller rink where I was every Friday and Saturday nights and then Sunday afternoons for skating the waltz, tango and mineoloa swing. Thank goodness this was all long before YouTube, and other embarrassing social media posting!!

Teenagers stood all along Main Street and shouted at those driving. My husband’s parents AND grandparents probably cruised the circuit. However, Chambersburg, like all other little towns, are being destroyed. It was 9 p.m. when we parked near the new and very expanded courthouse complex. While the historic columns that still remain after the burning are there, they sit far back in the courtyard of the complex now. The square, which is actually a round-about with a fountain in the middle, no longer has accessibility to stand near the fountain and look at the statues. The courthouse expansion has made it very tight for cars heading west on Route 30.

Chambersburg Pa Fountain, Memorial Square L&V Co c1910 Postcard D10 | eBay

Then and now

About Chambersburg | Borough of Chambersburg

The streets were empty and many of the stores are closed down or so run down you can’t tell if they are open or not Many of the stores that have been there for as long as I can remember are long gone. We stopped along the way to view the Church architecture along downtown. Many of those Churches have been there since the late 1700s/early 1800s. The Masonic Temple was one of the only buildings spared during the burning. That and the “old jail”. It was sad to see how quiet downtown has become, and I believe the laws about cruising were put into place not long after we graduated. It seems to me his boys were not permitted to cruise. Well, you can still cruise but only a maximum of three times around the circuit and no more. One or two “loud look-at-me” cars zipped down Main Street as we were preparing to leave. As we headed out, my husband took a turn down Main Street and we cruised it once … just for old times’ sake. We were in my husband’s Chevy truck and not the pinto, but still…fond memories.

I am hoping the ol’ hubby is up for a bike ride this morning. It is too chilly nowadays to go kayaking and with as bad as the mosquitos have been, I don’t want to be any more food for them than I already have been. I hope you are all having a great weekend. Thanks for joining me.

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Blogging gets the noise in my head out...at least for a little while. I use blogging to weed through all that noise and find the humor in each situation, even if it takes some time to find it. I am not selling anything, just sharing experiences as a mother, Amma, wife, paralegal, volunteer, Muslimah, sister, daughter, mother-in-law, woman.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #38

  1. Hi SadiRose,
    You must know the movie, American Graffiti. We’ll it was mostly filmed in the town I grew up in when I was in high school. I was one of those who thought the whole cruising thing was idiotic and, despite having the perfect car for it, avoided our whole downtown each Friday and Saturday evening. And then when the town went nuts over having all the movie folks running around, closing our streets, managing all the kids and their cars and their wardrobes who wanted to be on the street with their cars and girls in the background of the scenes, I was as far away as I could get, thus missed the chance to meet and gush over the actors.
    I’m a terrible fan. . .
    But, it’s a fact that if you watch that moving, all the cruising scenes were the Petaluma, CA, streets I grew up around. They’ve tried to maintain some of that look even today and are proud of having been part of that movie.
    I’m glad to have been nearby, but no where near the chaos of creating it.

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